The Designer's Niche



 ONLINE DESIGN: This service is for our DIY clients who just want help obtaining a completed vision for their space. We offer a questionnaire & phone consultation, and a visual online design board complete with a shopping/price list of where to purchase each item. This is  perfect service for you if you have no idea how to design your space and want us to show you a beautiful concept, but you want to implement the entire ordering and installation process on your own.

                                                             QUESTIONNAIRE TO DEFINE YOUR STYLE

Email us at You will receive a questionnaire to fill out that will help us determine your style and needs for your space. We will have an initial phone call consultation with you, and may require photos and measurements of your space, as well as your comfortable budget for us to work with.


                                                   RETAINER PAYMENT AND EXECUTION OF YOUR DESIGN
You will pay a one time upfront flat rate design fee that will include: Our initial phone call consultation to review your questionnaire, a vision board with up to 2 revisions of the vision board based on presentation feedback, and a complete list of merchandise, websites, and pricing so you can begin making your purchases.

You will receive up to 60 minutes of phone consultations/email advice as you need for the duration of you project. 


                                                                         ONLINE DESIGN UPGRADES
​After you have ordered and received all of your merchandise, and you have assembled any pieces, you may opt for us to professionally place/hang items at our hourly rate. A minimum of one hour is required, and if movers or additional help other than the designer is needed, cost of help will be quoted. All payments will be due immediately upon completion.

If you have received and placed all merchandise but feel you are still lacking final touches and still wish for help, you may hire us to do a one day makeover shopping/installation to add the smaller details and finish the space (see One Day Makeover Tab for this service.) 
One makeover fee per space.