• If you are looking to remodel an existing home or business, our designers can provide new layout and finish options that can best optimize the use of your current structure.

New Construction

  • Let us help you take the stress out of building a home! We can help you choose a floor plan and make it custom to you! 

Service Overview

Our Process:  We begin with an on-site assessment to get an overview of your project needs, budget, and timeline. Based on this assessment, we help determine which service will best meet your needs. A general summary of our services includes:

One Day Make-overs​

  • Accessories and finishing touches can either make or break a space. If you already have a good running start on your room with large furniture pieces and just need the lighting, accents, and fluff, a makeover may be perfect for you. We can quickly shop and install all the details, finishing off your space and giving you that “wow” factor you are craving. If shopping is not needed because you already own everything but you just want everything re-styled, we also offer in-home makeovers. These are perfect for home staging as well! See below our gallery of some of our recent room makeovers.


Interior Design services

Please Contact The Designers Niche for an initial consultation

Because each client’s needs and budget are different, The Designer’s Niche offers a variety of services to accommodate projects of all scopes and sizes

Residential Design & Remodeling 

  • We offer both interior design services and remodeling services. Based on our in- home assessment of your needs and personal style preference, we will go to the drawing board and shop fabrics, finishes, lighting, tile, etc. and present to you a full colored rendering and layout of your new space, complete with finishing touches! This allows you to “peek” at the finished product and make any necessary adjustments to design or budget before you ever commit to buying anything. We do professional space planning to ensure that everything fits properly, as well as shop all the finishing touches. Once we have finalized everything with your presentation and it meets your style and budget, we will assist you in implementing the project to help it go smoothly.​
The Designer's Niche

Commercial Design

  • Our professional team of designers will help turn your business into a unique and functional environment that fits the specific needs of your business, customers and employees.​​