The Designer's Niche


Client wanted a guest room transformed into her son's new room

Client wanted an uninspiring space to become her teen girl's hangout spot

Process for a One Day Room Makeover:  

  • Initial Consultation - Here we will meet your space and help determine your style and budget
  • Shopping Funds - We will need to receive your shopping budget when you are ready for us to get started!
  • Install/Big Reveal! - This is our favorite part! We love to surprise you, so we will install for you, and give you a big reveal! You will also receive all shopping receipts should you wish to make any returns.

If you have a room or rooms that has all the main furnishings, and you love a big surprise   reveal, you may be the perfect candidate for a One Day Room Makeover. Or ask us about working with all of your own furniture and accessories with a Restyle!

Client needed a little help with balance, texture, and lighting to warm up her space


Process for a Restyle:  

  • Initial Consultation - Here we will meet your space and help determine your wishes and priorities for your space(s). 
  • Restyle Day! - We will spend the time needed to rearrange, rehang, and redisplay your existing furniture and accessories. These are so fun, and we love the chance to be able to surprise you with what your space can do! We will do as much as we can in one day, not to exceed 6 hours with one flat day fee. 

Important Notes about Makeovers/Restyles

  • Your space qualifies for a shopping makeover if you already have all large furniture pieces in your space, and just need things like accessories, art, lighting, rugs, accent pillows, etc. You will qualify for a makeover or restyle if you love surprise reveals!
  • Designer will install all purchased items on the agreed upon install date. Any items the designer can shop for, fit in her vehicle, and make one trip/install qualifies for a shopping makeover
  • It is important that you de-clutter and clean your space before install of spaces to enjoy the full impact of the makeover surprise!

EXCLUSIONS:*** Designer does not do drape rod install or large furniture delivery, make local returns of merchandise, or clean or de-clutter space during install.  This service does not include pre-shopping or proposing of items. Custom made items or custom design concepts can be quoted separately