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About Our Home Staging Services in the Northwest Houston, TX, Area

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE DESIGNERS NICHE THROUGH OUR model home and home staging services obtaining a modern and transitional style

Model Homes  ​ Home Staging

Model Homes

We offer both vignette models and full model services to home builders based on their needs.  A full model will consist of each room throughout the home being fully designed with furniture, lighting, window treatments, and an abundance of finishing touches. Vignette models consist of certain key rooms in the home being fully designed, and outdoor spaces may also be included.  We will collaborate with you and come up with a plan and budget that best suits the needs of your community.

The Designer’s Niche offers merchandising services to home builders, investors, and home owners to showcase their property for a faster, more profitable sale. We offer very competitive pricing and styles ranging from contemporary to transitional that will best compliment your home as well as appeal to potential buyers. We begin of an assessment of the home,  community, target buyer, and price point and transform your home into a cozy sought after space. 

Home Staging Services for Occupied & Vacant Homes

We offer occupied home staging (seller is living in the space during the selling process) as well as vacant home staging.  If you are living in your home and need an assessment and advice, we can help! We will start with a consultation visit to “meet” your home and based on your needs and give you advice for decluttering, touch ups, updates, etc.  If need be, we can be scheduled to come back at a later date to help you rearrange, restyle, and better show off your home.  If you have a vacant home and would like furnishings to create ambiance and appeal, we will start with a consultation and once an agreement has been made, we can usually stage within three to five days of the initial walk though.

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